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Monday, December 27, 2004

dear journal... Oct 23 - Dec 27

well, again as expected ...
i celebrated christmas at the office
it has been along time since
i slugged a log in this haywired journal.
just too damn busy from these endless days
at work..pleasing our capitalist employers

just a few months from now
figuring out things would certainly change
i know it will, very much
basing on my tried and tested
mathematically-based theories that only
arrogant self-proclaimed wannabees
would contest and end up chewing thier
own worthles pride.. pride hahahahaha

Too much for the real big
apartment space i'm occupying
paying around US$180 a month is a pain
considering im staying alone..
talking to the building administrator
lucky for me there is vacancy over
the 5th floor which cost much less.
considering the room is much smaller

there is just no need for staying in
hell big space when most of the time you
just aint there..
but rather friends who manage to stay in and
party with themselves the whole week long
in my absence...
there was even a time when i got home
that i dont anymore recognize the people
who were sleeping on the floor..

life is a matter of perspective,
which i came short with by the way..
living with the wrong people is a mistake
dealing with wrong friends is a mess..

moving to a different city or apartment maybe?
would be a diffinite strike at destiny again.
time can always wait...
as what physicists say it slows down 14 seconds
every century .. or is it just the way
we are counting on it to slow down.. hahaha

the new year comes again
wondering what resolution i would have this time?
i thought, stop smoking ?
let's see... what`rr benefits anyway..hmm
health ? money ?
let's say a pack of smoke cost around US$1.00
i would have around US$365.25 in dec next year,
thats already a desktop computer running 512MB
ill think about it.. hahahahhaha

having so-called new year resolutions
is phlasing ... another word i invented.
people`s philosophies change overnight.
no matter how stiff they are..
sometimes life is like riding a bus
and you`ll never know who`ll sit beside
you on the next stop..
like choosing the red pill and
not exactly know why you did and
what`ll happen next..
remember the box of chocolates?

So the next time someone tells you,
or somehow gave you the impression
they are principled and will stick with
thier principles whatever...
watch them .
they are just trying to impress you
coz they already are with themselves

Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge.
and that if Aiza is better than MAtet,
Sex is better than Christmas (just kidding)heheh

So good luck to those who are always on the move.

and Happy holidays , Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to everyone...

coz i never get to celebrate mine..

anyway its not my Birthday.. just greeting..

Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo !