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Sunday, September 26, 2004

dear journal... Sept 18 - Sept 26

Just straight above from my pad
lives 20 girls sharing 3 units
they work as entertainers in some
high-end strip bar in West Avenue..
as far as i know, soon they`ll be shipped
to japan for a promising job there..
yes,..just upstairs of my apartment
japayukis to be kidding..

5 of them came by for a visit today
some guy accross the street pawned them
a DVD player, since they barely know
nothing about electronic crap and stuff
and for some third opinion i guess..

one of them was still dress in her nighties
im just too shy to stare at her..
too bad im leaving in an hour..
i thought...hmm theyll come by again anyway.
sometimes i can hear thier Knuckling steps
and giggling on thier way up the stairs
around 3 in the morning when they get home.

this past week i was looking for new dentist
since i live in the heart of Q City
i was scouting for a nearby clinic
i walked in to one.. i asked ...
"do you accept health cards ? "
she replied and i said
" ok ill wait for the dentist to arrive..."
she said " im also a doctor "
i just met my new dentist..
she`ss cute and young .. at first i thought
she was just another cute secretary
for a spanish named doctor..

after the sessions i had Gum boils
and i have to chew aluminum OH
to rid of it.. this is nasty shit..
just have to bear with it i guess..

Eena works for an airline company..
she sometimes contemplates that
there`s just nothing to do after her flights..
together with Dweezil her Notebook ..
i have this mental picture sometimes that
each time she lands somewhere else in the world
she would open up her notebook and log in to friendster
and will go answer surveys.. hahahahaha Go Eena !
which most of the time i will rePOst with my own responses.
too bored i guess .. she decided on doing something else
and now she`ss into international merchandising
thats what i call it...... Brilliant idea..
and i just ordered a perfume from her..

well back to werk ..
another boring day ... another damn week awaits
and i cant wait for christmas to get bonus
work + boredome + indefinite thoughts = journal blog
and this why im writting..
i guess..

come next week...

Saturday, September 18, 2004

dear journal... Sept 11 - Sept 18

In the office one afternoon....
was workin on something
i swear this new anti-spyware stuff
sold on the internet will suck.
for sure coz most of them do
I accidentally clicked on messages
here in my multiply.
damn.. i never answered them..
i never expected people would
be sending messages on multiply
i didnt even know thats where
you should be opening them..
i can hear myself telling me..
eeaaediot !

my mom came by for a visit
along with her was granny old
Lola(something)-suppose to be far distant
relative from the province
far from the city.. way from the
countryside town where my father`s
folks originally came from..
you know how it is in old countryside towns
everybody is related.

one morning when i woke up
she was telling stories to my mom
how she got away from the Japs
during world war two...
She was even willing to show her
scar in the hips scrapped by the barb wire
which she got from the getaway that
she and a guy that later became her husband
engineered... what an escapade story
over my bursting coffee.

So the next day...i woke up
Shit its 8am and im fuckin late
i hurried up..took the freezing cold bath
slammed the door and off to the train know just like high school
and college .. hypothalamus rush
the only difference is that girls
were cuter those days..hmmmm.
while on the train i keep blaming
the timer clock besides my bed that
didnt even made a sound..

finnaly i got in the building
i keep thinking what excuse ill give
to the HR staff again ..been condemned
with so many absences and still complaining
about discrepancies on my pay..
well you know ..things sometimes crosses
yer nutshell when your on a hurry.

when i got on the floor
i went running accross with my
proximity id card in hand to swipe ready
when i got in .. its 9 and the janitor
was cleaning my desk and computer..
am i getting fired? i ask myself

someone tapped my back and asked,
ey are you doin` Overtime today?
bullshit... i realized that moment
it was friday.. its my day off.
i shouldnt even be here..
it echoed again....
eeaaeediot !!!

you might wonder and have asked why
i keep blogging these nonsense stuff
on the internet..
i guess the reason is apparent..
maybe someday when i woke up and totally
forgot what day it is ..or even what
im suppose to be doin next..
contract temporary amnesia or even worse
at least i know where to check..
ha! at last it had a purpose.
hmmm.will by any chance ill be
forgetting i have multiply blogs?
if that shit happens..?

i guess if that happens
i wont miss checking friendster
and ask people there...
who am i ?.. did you or was it me who
added you on my list of friends?
convenient enough that i got a friendster T-shirt
to remind me im` one of those people
who made Jon Abrams a multi-million
sensation.. overnight.
up yours ! Jon f@#k you!

did i say that?

well one thing i did remember..
be careful what you wish for next week..
you might get the opposite.. like this one
and hey.. thats the building in the photo.. up there

Friday, September 10, 2004

dear journal... Aug 29 - Sept 11

It has been more than a week
that i havent wrote any entry
tanaskin for unreasonable thoughts
maybe none at all

it was 9am and we went to the mall
Veronica was the quiet type
but very nice to get along with
i guess im the only one
who calls her Ronnie..

The mall wasnt opened yet
we hanged out and smoke outside
we were thinkin about eating at Mac
when i saw the large billboard
along Edsa "The Terminal"
opens Sept 8..and today was 11
She said yes.. Ok

She had a BigMac and i got the pounder
She never ate it. She just ate the fries
told her how i got here..she told me
how her sister never passed to being
a flight attendant because she cant swim.
and so we watched the film...

woke up at 11pm
Tere finnally showed up in the chatroom
it was more than an hour that we chatted
she said she was sleepy and went ahead
now im writting this..

last couple of days were unpredictable
just yesterday Kris woke me up
ask me to come along with him..
to claim some prize he won
a trip for two to
but of course he has something else in mind
Some guys are just lucky..

i hope something good happens this week..

at least something better...

Photo taken from jeillenes deviant art site