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Monday, June 19, 2006

Filler For Now

I discovered the obscure World Wide Web one boring afternoon in the College library of San Agustin during the time i was not attending to my P.E. class in 1997. My first account on the web was of course an email account, which expired because it wasnt maintained. I also have an account at since 1998 since nothing was really interesting in the web aside from chatting at MIRC and browsing some porn then. I was one of the staff writting Jojos in Our School Paper and since our school refused to provide Internet Access in the school's publication office. I began looking for a place to write in the web.. Pyra had the answer.. My original Blog account was i wrote about something like 23 entries and then i stopped.. It was dormant for years since i was too busy messing up my life with who knows who and who knows where. I moved to the Capital City got a Job worked for the Largest Computer manufacturer to date and finally had some worthless time again to spend . So i began writting in Livejournal and transferred to Multiply .. which i became one of its first users.. My earliest Blogs dates August of 2004 which Multiply was just making its way after being launched 8 months before. I stopped Blogging July of 2005. received several Hate mails and notifications on when im gonna be blogging again. I never had time since then even to look for the Blog Fillers that i wrote for months to fill in the gap in my Multiply account since it was stored in my Ipod Video of which was totally formatted since my friend used it to transport files off to the U.S. and back.. too bad.. After resigning from my previous company and too many social and psuedopersonal affairs to scam with. one boring afternoon as was left with nothing interesting to do. i googled my Real name over the Web. and Damn.. the inevitable happened .. there was a search result of my real name appearing on a friends' Blog site .. thanking me for photo credits.. After Shadowing your real name. Insulting people over the web. ruining sales and marketing S@*t of several companies and brand names.. My real name Popped up from a blogspot account.. It suddenly occured to me that i may have a Blooger account .. im pretty sure of it.. I tried every email account i had . it worked.. Coz since then i only used one password for all my accounts online.. and its failsafe.. much to my surprise it was still there. but upon re logging in my original Url name was Bonkered since Blogger has this policy and i would have to rename it. the Multiply Blogs were FTPed to this site and will soon be constantly updated. And this is where you are now.. ~ Cheers