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Sunday, February 06, 2005

dear journal... Jan 30 - Feb 6

After the long wait
at last i had the chance to take
a day off to cleanse and feast
someplace somewhere.. anywhere

saturday was it
I asked Grace out with me
along with our Company Nurse
she was also invited by NJ
NJ is the kind who would frequent
high society gatherings...

NJ is one attractive lady
that you wouldnt expect to suddenly
go nuts and crazy when around with friends.

There was a Time when they went
to Tagaytay and as they were eating..
A Family of musicians turned to visit
their table to play music with Classic
and ethnic instruments...
They danced along with it..

and when asked what song they like
She requested R.Kelly's Ignition..
The Old Guy asked: whats that?

right after she was featured
in some local magazine..
She resigned from her Job
and pursued a career in publication
product ad placement PR person.

The last time we met was
at Grace's Birthday
At some Bar in Makati,
along with Paul The cool American dude
and Deante our Hip Jamaican friend.

And Talking about Jamaica..
Lets go back to my Day off getaway..

Yes, Saturday the fifth..

Bob Marley should be celebrating
his 60th birthday..
Rollie invited me to Xaymaca
he is a regular at this Bar in Q city
the Premier spot for local reggae acts
and rastafarians posiuers and not..

Me and Rollie converged at around 10
the place was packed..
foreigners and locals..
dreadlocked hairs and some Koreans
the second floor was polluted with Pot smoke
Tempting .. as some groupies were in a session

Rollie introduced me to the headwaitress
and the bouncer. Too bad we werent able
to bring the V-Cams to chronolog the event

The first band was fine and rumpy
but not until a band called Milagros Dancehall
took the queue .. These guys are crazy
and after they played their own tracks
i was surprised to hear them
playing covers of Chaka Demus and Pliers
Tease me and Murder she wrote
which i havent heard for a long time...

when the last band was playing Myra Ruaro
appeared on stage out of nowhere..
that time i told Rollie im going to disappear..
i went to the washroom at the next floor
when i came out a girl outside
was waiting for her turn to go in..

she asked if i had a light ..
"Do you come here a lot?"
those type of questions, hahahaha
She said she was with friends ...
"wanna have some fresh air?" those stuff..
we had a small talk at the parking lot
This Karen Mok lookalike is one smart girl
and i asked her if she wanna eat somewhere
and for sure you know whats next.

these stories should find its way
to the pages of FHM magazine..
Step Aside El Gimikero hahaha

But lets give it to fiction...
My kids might read this in the future..

anyway i guess it was worth
having a day off at last...

and Oh..

Happy Birthday Bob !

i enjoyed your party !!!