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Sunday, September 26, 2004

dear journal... Sept 18 - Sept 26

Just straight above from my pad
lives 20 girls sharing 3 units
they work as entertainers in some
high-end strip bar in West Avenue..
as far as i know, soon they`ll be shipped
to japan for a promising job there..
yes,..just upstairs of my apartment
japayukis to be kidding..

5 of them came by for a visit today
some guy accross the street pawned them
a DVD player, since they barely know
nothing about electronic crap and stuff
and for some third opinion i guess..

one of them was still dress in her nighties
im just too shy to stare at her..
too bad im leaving in an hour..
i thought...hmm theyll come by again anyway.
sometimes i can hear thier Knuckling steps
and giggling on thier way up the stairs
around 3 in the morning when they get home.

this past week i was looking for new dentist
since i live in the heart of Q City
i was scouting for a nearby clinic
i walked in to one.. i asked ...
"do you accept health cards ? "
she replied and i said
" ok ill wait for the dentist to arrive..."
she said " im also a doctor "
i just met my new dentist..
she`ss cute and young .. at first i thought
she was just another cute secretary
for a spanish named doctor..

after the sessions i had Gum boils
and i have to chew aluminum OH
to rid of it.. this is nasty shit..
just have to bear with it i guess..

Eena works for an airline company..
she sometimes contemplates that
there`s just nothing to do after her flights..
together with Dweezil her Notebook ..
i have this mental picture sometimes that
each time she lands somewhere else in the world
she would open up her notebook and log in to friendster
and will go answer surveys.. hahahahaha Go Eena !
which most of the time i will rePOst with my own responses.
too bored i guess .. she decided on doing something else
and now she`ss into international merchandising
thats what i call it...... Brilliant idea..
and i just ordered a perfume from her..

well back to werk ..
another boring day ... another damn week awaits
and i cant wait for christmas to get bonus
work + boredome + indefinite thoughts = journal blog
and this why im writting..
i guess..

come next week...

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