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Sunday, October 03, 2004

dear journal... Sept 26 - Oct 3

Kris Q woke me up one Tuesday morning
when i was still enjoying my sleep
said he got news for me..
well it turned out it was news yeah.
much for his welfare again..

He said he landed the Job he was
fishing out for months now
He`s gonna work in the U.S.
i just dunno what state...

now after breaking in to
my apartment bedroom with that news
i had coffee.. i told him about
my upstairs neighbor and i dunno what
got into him.. he began dialing his cellphone

then suddenly, he told me that.....
i had to pretend today that its my birthday.
he called up and invited these girls
that just arrived fresh from Japan..
probably a bad idea that i told him
about my neighbors.....

Ronwell also came by...
Kris also called him up for this shit.
Ronwell is one horny guy
never a day that i hanged out with him
that he never talked about sex and other
horny stuff... Kris had to go pick up the girls
from a nearby train terminal from the apartment

me and Ronwell had to get 3 cases of lite beer
while awaiting the creep..
Ron and i began drinkin as expected...
he told me about this little island
in Spain where he had gone to...
a place called Las Palmas de Tenerife..
where people did nothing
but party party have sex and party...
and of course the Nude beach where he went..

Now comes Kris after an hour with two girls
3-time Japan Jetsetters..
of course what would you expect
on how they would be dressed up...
had a drink .. chit chat and shit
when nightfall came the other girl was
already acting up.. you know .. asking for consolation
guys should know the next move..
and as usual Ron was quick to react hahahha

Kris said they would be leaving by 10pm
i went resting in my bedroom and passed out

morning comes
and shit i wasnt able to go work yesterday
coz of Kris...
i went to gargle in the kitchen sink..
i heard people talking in low voices
much to my surprise ...
Ron and Kris with the 2 chicks were at the guest room


i cooked them breakfast
one of the girls asked me for a favor
she was looking for her long lost boyfriend
some japanese guy named Hideyoshi..
so i said OK ill see what i can do..
said she`ll pay anything for that information
hahahhaha ... i wonder where i could get the
employee list of the car company where
that guy was workin...
but hey.. internet just made things easier huh.

The next day i recieved news from a friend
Ivy my friend from the backdoor city
just got shot....
seldom you would hear girls getting shot.
i called her and asked who shot her..
some bubot guy she said..
she`ss still in the hospital when i called
it has been 3 years that we havent seen one another
but yet the miracle of communication blenders
after my call she told me she would change nos#
no news after that...
girls who grew up in New York are really nuts
hope she`ll get well soon ..

Meralco avenue was packed friday night
and the beer was installed in a Bulb-like shaped aparatii..
but i guess i just had too much..
i decided to go to the office and stay there
for the rest of the morning wee hours
staring in front of the monitor drunk
i know October had always been good to me...
i wonder what adventure awaits this idiot
the next couple of weeks...

but for the moment...

shift back i guess..
back to the bizzare theme park we called ..Life

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