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Sunday, October 10, 2004

dear journal... Oct 3 - Oct 10

Saturday was cold...
The Japanese Films were impressive
i noticed most Japanese films
pour to the idea of pain and losing
the two films i watched were...

I woke up wednesday morning
to wash my face..
no water was coming out ..
I forgot to pay the water bills
and they cut the water off
i thought...

Thursday and im still in a loop
still bothered by the thought
of me being transferred to Microsoft
Im not really a fan of Bill Gates
i even hate the guy..
i despise noothoots like him..
and im not quite even sure
if im` still enjoying my present Job
in this Computer company
that supports his software products..

if ever im gonna be transferred
and be another servant of technology
under the Gates` empire flag
i would be probably in the
Service Pack 3 for XP campaign
writting its special feature....
System Destroy

Friday.. Tito celebrated his birthday
with an Open Bar all night
in Ponticello Makati
He should...

Who wouldnt wanna celebrate..
if your as lucky as he is...
being an heir to their Family`s fortune
that i think two lifetimes
wouldnt be enough for it to runout..
Tito is well-mannered guy..
and never misses a mass each Sunday
you would seldom find him sitting alone in
St. Clement`s Chapel.. without the bodyguards
he always used to have even in highschool days
back in Angelicum..

I never saw his sister Celine`s
Newspaper column anymore
last news was...
she was lookin` for a fashion writer..
and the next thing you know she`ss on the
Pepsi Billboard posted wide on the Mall wall
I wonder what Celine is busy with these days...

One thing I know about the Lopez`s
is that, they know well how to take care
of iT ...previlege or mere fate...
good management acumen..

Havent heard from Kat for a month now
I wish she was doin ok in Thailand
she told me she is teaching
in a University in Bangkok..
the last time we got together
was months ago
i couldnt even remember what month
was it anymore..
i was so suprised when i recieved
a message on a friendster account
i made with my real name on it..
though i only open it once in a square moon.

after 10 years we havent seen each other
and then she popped..
we met and went to watch a movie
got the California Pizza
and went to the old pad..
and catching up from the past
just reminded me how long was it
since i saw anyone of them..
i told her about how i found Steve
thru friendster..

Steve is now managing
his own Bar now in London
one of the places i dreamed of living in
15 years had passed after Steve had
become an established Londoner
being our class Valedectorian was quite
easy for him ...
i sure do miss the guys

missing someone can sometimes be a blur
even in the clearest day of the week
i wonder how she is doing...

for the past week
i have consumed around
15 litres of Mountain Dew
a total of 6 Siopaos
3 Tall Cups of cappucino from StarBucks
and one Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy`s
and the rest were unaudited..

and no...
i dont wanna talk about the
eathquake stuff anymore
i was drinking and the bottle spilled
i was about to throw up..
thats all...

and as what a dumb terrorist would say..
Life is Bum ! booomm!!!

writting wouldnt be a bad idea...
only that you dont know where to mail it to

i thought so....

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