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Friday, October 22, 2004

dear journal... Oct 10 - Oct 23

Superman died last 2 sundays ago
the only superhero who had to disguise
himself to be just like us..ordinary
which most of us is likely not
convinced to be... anyway ..

a friend once asked what super power
i would choose to have, if given..
i replied, what if i chose one that
i dont wanna have...
would you still ask.. said yes
i replied.. foresight.
i`ve always considered it a curse..
coz.. it`ll give you either advantage..
and missed what the opposite
may have offered..
both ways .. drawbacks jack on.

it may even send you afloat thinking
of the muliple possibilities..
and resolve not to do anything about it.
but nothing beats conscience..
especially when it involves the
most powerful universal feeling.
this tool, be it a gift or a curse
will always go hand in hand with karma
or as i call it balance...
my true religion..

i spent most of the time
in the apartment sleeping
and leave just in time for work
my laundry is already looking like a hill
what dwarfs may call as a home...
visitors spend more time at the apartment
than i do ...
with my brother now staying around
proxy entertainer...

eating lunch and dinner someplace
and somewhere everyday..
sitting and standing .. whatever
jollibee makes good meat pies.
cant wait for Taco Bell to open

Working for the World`s
number one Computer Corporation
is like mayonaise on ice cream.
your eating it but still figuring out
why it tasted that way....
i couldnt even imagine anymore
how i ended up with this job

went to college and took up
courses too far from what im doin now
figuring out computer architecture
and sorting out sasser...
with credentials for medical arts
and political history..
not even having a valid computer degree
the only expertise i could claim
would probably the MS-DOS and Lotus wiz
that i think i am... applications
already considered to be obsolete.
being one of the 60,000 employees?
just pure luck maybe..

from a company that ships out
100,000 computers a day to end users
with 10 % chance of something may
have gone wrong in the manufacturing.

no point of doin the math..
when you damn know human error
never came as a blessing...

Debra Stunton was amusing
her perspective was quite Unamerican
after the meeting i asked her
a question i know she would never answer
the way i wanted it heard..
to hell with company policy.
as long as youre`doin your job right.

a long way from texas....

last Christmas and New year
i spent it in the office
i lost in the lot drawing..

i spent it watching firecrackers
blew up from the building window
staring at the window view
with Kentucky fried Chicken plate
on my hand which i didnt eat...

i dont even have a lovelife anymore
like most people do..
more of derranged social life..
accompanied with strange friends
and unpredictable circumstances..

but ya... there is this girl.

years have passed since i last saw her
i didnt have much news about her nemore
maybe i just dont wanna know anymore
or do i ?
i could spend eternity deciding
and end up spending everyday.... .. a day

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