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Friday, September 10, 2004

dear journal... Aug 29 - Sept 11

It has been more than a week
that i havent wrote any entry
tanaskin for unreasonable thoughts
maybe none at all

it was 9am and we went to the mall
Veronica was the quiet type
but very nice to get along with
i guess im the only one
who calls her Ronnie..

The mall wasnt opened yet
we hanged out and smoke outside
we were thinkin about eating at Mac
when i saw the large billboard
along Edsa "The Terminal"
opens Sept 8..and today was 11
She said yes.. Ok

She had a BigMac and i got the pounder
She never ate it. She just ate the fries
told her how i got here..she told me
how her sister never passed to being
a flight attendant because she cant swim.
and so we watched the film...

woke up at 11pm
Tere finnally showed up in the chatroom
it was more than an hour that we chatted
she said she was sleepy and went ahead
now im writting this..

last couple of days were unpredictable
just yesterday Kris woke me up
ask me to come along with him..
to claim some prize he won
a trip for two to
but of course he has something else in mind
Some guys are just lucky..

i hope something good happens this week..

at least something better...

Photo taken from jeillenes deviant art site

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