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Sunday, August 29, 2004

dear journal... Aug 23 - Aug 29

Went down of the building at around 6 AM
after a whole shit of workload done overnight..
my eyes were still hurting from the monitor.
when a bang of camera lights splashed me..

there was a Film crew for a TV add..
and they were filming infront of the building
but i was way ahead sleepy header..
no time to check the models.. Damn!

Such much for not reporting for work.

The production crew told me though
that it was for a Pizza Add
waitta minute i dont see any pizza?
but they did have rain effects..

apparently it has been another boring week.
not much interesting stuff goin on...
living in a lonely apartment is one thing.
a dolphin attitude is another..

reminescing on how my life was ..
though was quite entertaining..
i just dunno why...

most of my friends are married now..
some i never heared of anymore..
sometimes i even think im cursed..

mid afternoon i spend time gazing at
the wide window looking down the building
its lonely up here..who would have thought.

most of the time i end up thinking what
i really want in life.. A lot...more to it..
did i misjudged myself again..?

we have always been taught that
nothing matters more than the present.
or is it the future ?

just as goes to the rest of anti-analogies
which is which and how anyway?

`if birds of the same feather flock together"
and why do `opposites attract" ?
"Actions speak louder than Words" ?
whoever said the "Pen is Mightier than the Sword"?

ahhh... but one smart dude once said..
" the Past is History, the Future will always
be a Mystery. This Moment is a Gift,
that`s why its called the Present.


i think ill just go back fishing for thoughts...

wishful fishing... thats what i call it..
Photo From : Kim Nicanor / Crazy Neighbor

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