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Sunday, August 22, 2004

dear journal... Aug 11 - Aug 23

Spending time in the new apartment is a drag
not quite thrilling as usual
ahh.. yes.. Her name... Claire
the coffee was worth it.
after a routine of exchanging silly text messages
we ended up deciding to watch
The Villagethe M.Night Shayalaman thing and his same formula.
why does he always have to appear on his films?
Thanks to Roy...he manages G4 cinemas
it really pays to have friends
We didnt even have use for tickets
we just passed thru the guard and the ticket lady
Claire was impressed..
as i know thats the point of it..

yabang no? e ano pa nga ba?

as for the rest of the details

goes in the shadows...

Well she went back to work
i hope her Agency pays her good.

me.. ?
just back to my boring so-called life..
i still do know who im trully in love with


rented a bunch of Videos just to keep entwined
stuck in the room watching movies i missedbut who cares
sometimes in life maybe dwelves you into point
where you just dont know what you really missed
or maybe its just time to turn the phone offand have a liitle vacation in Social Siberia

I dunno...maybe texting Heidi and affirming were
both drunk at the same time againwill kill the boredome.
never realized parrallel universes could exist within friends

maybe thats why some were ment to meet.

i still have to install the new blinds i hate being alone in this big new apartment

everyday getting home wishing Riza would drop by..
and drink just to have some friend to talk tothose days in the old Pad.
thanks for keeping up with me Riz. you were there..whenever
and i never did have time to thank her.

I guess ill just have to go back to work again
I wondered why the ADB center
never have been a terrorist target diplomats from all accross asia
come and go everyday within the damn building

the guards were never nice to me even the way they looked at me

everyday i passed by

i think one of them is gay.

who cares ...

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