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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

dear journal... Aug 10

went home at around 8 am
had too much work at the office for the whole fuckin night.
I was kinda a trippy then .. still dizzy..
after going up the ladder to cross the infamous Edsa
a girl and a guy came up to me Sir we have free coffee
This was at the cubao MRT station then
This girl dressed up in Red thin skirtand black shirt..
The cheerleader get up.i have to admit ..
she looks like one
and pretty too..
Nescafe had this new add campaign.
so i took my coffee and then these girls
and some of the guys they`re with while i was sipping my cup
closed in to each other .. drum rolls..and there goes their cheer..
It has been two successive days i saw them there
are they gonna do this for the whole week?
these girls were cute.
but i kinda got a crush on the one with the shades on
Im gonna talk to her tommorrow .
one good day coming up!

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