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Sunday, August 08, 2004

dear journal... Aug 8

Today I decided to got to work...
I took the train ride this time ..
everyday i had to pass by Megamall..
as i was on my way on returning and renting some VCDs
the aisles were crowded ..
people were watching this band playing down
at stage of WOW phils.later did i know it was Raymonds band Sandwich .

People were going wild .
especially the Kids in the black shirts.
Then was it.
I was already just right above where the Skating Rink is
when I said to myself...
Am i hungry? hmmm.
I am ..
So turned back to go down to the food courtwhen ...
out of the blue.. I bumped in to ..Lisa J...!!! Shit !
I havent seen her in years!!She was my college buddy..
We use to hang out at the back of the Library
just to chat and smoke and chat and smoke and of course laugh.

Wow .. She just got here from i dunno where.
She said she just got here last Sunday.
and that shell be workin in SMART Wireless Megamall I couldnt believe this...
When all the while i was thinking that for the next few months my life will boringly suck.
Life Sucks !Tough Luck`s
I never thought that this country would be small enough to meet us again..
Its just great..!!
now thats`
what I Call.....

WOW Philippines .. .

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