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Thursday, August 05, 2004

dear journal... Aug 5 2004

dear journal,

today a cute girl at work said hi to me.
today the bus was late and this one dude stunk.
today this other woman who i swear is a bum
totally sat on the same bus that i am two days in a row.
im on her commute!

today no one texted me :(
today i got a phone call from a girl
who i will fuckon saturday.
this is a journal where you can say those sorts of things,
its called wishful thinking
right now im watching Sandara`s Romance
i wonder if she really has one?.
earlier i watched Radioactive Sago Projects`
Music Video `ASTRO` my favorite
tomorrow is Friday.

journals suck.

today this girl got on her cam
and played with herself
while i watched.
true story.
we talked on the phone
she said this and that
and then showed me.

i am so far ahead
in the game of luck
its not even right.. .

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