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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Time Travel

Paradoxes inherent in time travel have always provided inspiration for me. Assuming that a civilization has the technical capability to orbit black holes and move wormhole mouths, there is still the question of the time traveler\'s journey into the past and his possible influence on his own present existence. Black holes occur when stars of a certain size use up all of their nuclear fuel. A star in such a situation begins to shrink and become very dense; the more dense it becomes, the greater its gravitational field, to the point that nothing, not even light, can escape. An additional effect is a distortion of spacetime with a resultant slowing of time itself. Theorists speculate that at its heart a black hole must contain a \"singularity,\" a single point of infinite density where the laws of quantum mechanics no longer apply, an \"edge\" of the universe and of time itself. A person or object entering the singularity would be subjected to stretching and squeezing (literally squeezed out of existence), and would not survive to report the experience. However, there are those who speculate that a free-fall trajectory which takes a spacecraft close to the black hole, but not close enough to be swallowed by the singularity, would effectively be a one-way time machine. \"By choosing the right path around the black hole, such a journey, which might take a few hours according to the clocks on the falling spacecraft, could be made to take as long as you like according to the outside Universe.\" And your journey begins now.....with me.. for you are the Star ! and im the Black Hole just right behind you... And time is on my Side......... ~Shadow

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