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Thursday, June 09, 2005

dear journal... April 31 - May 10

Puerto Galera it was.
Seeing people wearing Puerto Galera Shirts,
peeling photos of bikini babes by the beach
and other stories about people's adventure there
was somehow streamed up in my mind that im in for some
unforgettable getaway upon reaching Puerto Galera.

Of course i haven't been there yet.
i guess i was so lambastedly excited about the trip.

I spent the night playing Tekken5
awaiting for dawn to come for us to pack up
Rollie and the gang were perked up for the trip.
Glenn and Patrick were already about to kick off .
along with Jesse who brought along his military issue Binoculars
which for some reason thoughts keep playing in my mind that
somehow it would serve some purpose yet to be thought of
while we are on the island beach ...

The Van was already parked
the Van's A/C freon was smelling awful inside.
We had some delay leaving due to color coding shit.
i always had the best seat inside that Van ..
it takes simple basic knowledge about Astronomy
and Global Positioning for you to know where the Sun
would hit when your headed to a destination ..
just making sure yer window view in the transport isnt
Sunstricken along your way of getting there.. haha

It was almost 10 when we reached the last town
and waited for half an hour before we boarded.

The ferry trip was obnoxious itself
thats according to my Tourism Standards.
in the middle of the trip the ferry boat engine
died off at one point .. I told Rollie jokingly
to take the Bible out of his bag so i could begin..
of course everybody heard it and laugh ..
i dunno about the White Tourists who were also there.

In reaching the island ..
i was hell disappointed .

First there was a Resort called White Beach.
then.. there is no sign of White Sand in the beach.
they were ordinary beach shore sand and not white ..!
but thats ok.. lets see what else they could offer..i thought

So we finally got a room.
Food ? they all serve the same menu and prices.
they all taste the same as well ..
bland Kebab..( whoever started serving that there )

well, i finally got it.
Puerto Galera is one strip of beach
about a kilometer long ...
where people go to spend extra money and tell
Thier friends they had been there ...
along with Thier so-called unforgettable stories
and experiences there .. whatever.

two days more to go in the beach
and im already coming up with ideas how to have fun there.
i slept the whole afternoon.. and when nightfall came
the guys were back after having fun bathing at the beach.
im not new to it anyway, since i grew up in place were people
spend more time eating alongside the beach than diving and floating.
Considering the beaches were better from where i came from.

i guess they were pretty tired when they came back .
i was left with Patrick and Cris to drink along with
i had managed to tag them along to a bar and got some booze.
with my translucent lensed eyes we panged along the Bar
looking for some action..

The guys soon came by ..
we ate along the beach a Bar resto called Tipsy**
the guys soon went stargazing along the beach..
and i was still packed for action..

it was only Patrick who came with me
in my desperate venture in re-discovering the island
of its unnatural resource if theres any ?

we scouted every bar there is
and went on back to the room..
a few moments i went back out..
then i met Lany .
She also having a Breakoff
as everyone else from out of town was.
Of course we talked sense
before nonsense stuff kicks in. haha
and then....... thats it.

She left the next day
as she said she was..

The next day came ..
i wonder what action awaits.
Me and Rollie planned on taking photos at Dusk Morning.
guess i was too drunk the night before and missed it.

As what we were scheduled to do..
Snorkeling was the activity of the day.
This.. i am excited about.
We rented a whole Snorkeling Boat with gears.

At last Puerto was worth it.
We brought along Underwater cams
Lucky we were with our very own inspector gadget
Rollie talllaahhuuuhhuu. haha

Corals are Vibrant enough to be appreciated
when the Spilt water is Clear.
That day it was.. and fish feeding was a Buffet.

as we were enjoying our time there .
another one of the Snorkeling rent boats
anchored right besides us .. this time with load
of Japanese tourists .. most of them dove without vests.
and the day was a frill thrill.
Nature finally touched me.

Back to the Base
another night of poundless drinking again for me.
i thought so.. walkathon again with Patrick.
the long walk sent us to the farthest tip of the beach
Then i discovered COCO AROMA..
the ambiance was like that of Boracay.
had a bonfire straight in front of the bar.
and they are the only bar i think that accepts credit cards.

So we called up the guys and told everybody
this time its my treat .. i carded it though.
The bar plays songs of SADE and Bob Marley
unlike those repetitive dance songs they play
in the beach front bars that gay bar attendants
danced with to attract customers.
too bad Amy left late afternoon.

i guess Coco Aroma
was able to make up for my disappointment.
but not entirely .. my expectations of the place
was still ruined in my thought.
by suggestion i would still pick Boracay.

Back in the City
Shai,Grace and i were Starbucking talking about it..
they said that if your from the Big C
you should try first Puerto Galera before going to Boracay
Too bad i had it the other way around ..
for sure that caused the disappointment..
i miss Boracay .. over my favorite Mocha Valencia.

Robert Fulghum quoted once:
"The world does not need tourists who ride
by in a bus clucking their tongues.
The world as it is needs those who
will love it enough to change it,
with what they have, where they are. "

And i know where i was .. and had been.

Cant wait for the next trip.

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