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Thursday, July 14, 2005

dear journal... May 10

After the bashed trip
from the little island,
Me and the rest of the wrecking crew
were scheduled for some out-of-town Cruise.
as soon as the team decided on the definite
destination for us to boot out..
as for the rest of us was still unsure where.
we finally planned out for Batangas..
Just another Beach overnight .. i said..
but this time im with my own Team.

Two days before the trip
i emptied out my lockers
and headed for the Laundry Shop
i Surveyed out and ended up in the mall
and found a shop called Fabricare.
i emptied out the bag ..
and i remembered something..
i told the attendant to wait,
and i went shopping for new clothes..

i changed clothes in the Malls Washroom
and went back to the LaundryShop.
The attendant stared with avid wonder.
She probably thought i was nuts.
and my clothes was for pick up the next day.
fine enough...

Im enrolled in Fitness First
as it was just within the building where i work.
i seldom work out and spent most of the time
sitting on the bike and watch TV shows,
and sometimes just pass out on the bike.
The steam bath is what i really enjoy in health clubs.
and of course ... the babes..hahaha
Most of the time, i only went in to have a bath,
and go straight ahead to work ..after my meal
at the building's groundfloor restos and aristocarts
just along vicinity outside the building.
And if feel i need a little nap ..The quarters it is.

I am virtually living within the building,
at this point... hahahhah
Convenience is the mother of Laziness..
in essence... hah.

It was 5am when i met Mark
outside the building lobby..
he didnt go to work the day before.
and now were off to Bat and he's here.
The rest of the guys were still upstairs.

were leaving town in 3 separate cars.
Convoy Getaway krenk we are.

As we are preparing to pack up
for the trip downstairs ..
A surprise was on its way..
My team recieved Corrective Action
sanctions from our Supervisor...
and i mean all of us...

and going back to Singapore
for good or just for another vacation
was the first thing that went into my mind.
what a Plush of a situation.
penance party.. hahah.

Being monitored by people from another team,
is just funny to me ... for whatever subdued reason
they have .. they can keep it to themselves..
i can only think they may have felt Threatened in some way
that some people might get in the way of their plans.
Or simply just making themselves appear cute to
the people in the Upper Management.

If i am to ask myself ...
it was ages ago that i have lost taste in
achieving promotion in this Company from the day
i started working here and seeing
some dorks went ahead of me.. in promotion.
instead i seeked out interest in other things.
and i still enjoyed my work...
So let them Crab my leg back in the basket as
their efforts are being spent on the wrong guy

even if im gonna be offered a promotion
at this very moment .. i dunno how i will take it.
i will most likely to decline it anyway.

The very thing i hate about competition
is that i know how and always win ..
if i want to...

but it always and really pays
to appear stupid and just act dumb;
and pretend you dont know a thing..:
you are no threat to anybody or anything.
nobody will even notice you.. hahhah
And you can still enjoy your world,

The world other people will never have..

Now call me Crazy.. i'll call those people
Corpocrats.. Some word i invented..
if Governments have Bureaucrats.
This is their equivalent...
somewhat synonymous to leeches you'd find
in any other company. hehehe

In fact they're far beyond my decent idea
of an intelligent being as they project
themselves to be... what a pity.. hahahha

Now, what is being intelligent anyway?

Whether you are smart or stupid
your thought processes are limited
by your language and experience, or the symbols
you have associated with your history.
None of which have any value
beyond the value given to them.

The smarter you are, or the more you take in
and analyze and associate with previous analysis,
the more you are filled with subjective constructs
based on nothing but what you make up,
or have agreed to believe what someone else made up.
This makes things seem empty and valueless
whenever you stop and try and take it in
and associate a meaningful feeling like success or
love to the variables within day to day life
or your overall perception of life.
That's nothing..

There have been many brilliant people
that have shown no sign of insanity,
and there are plenty of legitimately insane people
who do not or cannot demonstrate any high level
of intelligence.

Besides, some of the most brilliant people
I have ever met were definitely borderline.
One guy I knew talked to Ornaments.
Not just mumbling or making odd comments,
I mean having deep conversations with the Vase
he designed.. that was weird.

The mind is a vast and tumbled plane...

Stooping Shit with ..
would be an insult to my significance.
So why care about the mud they kept throwing.
or should i care.. ?

Perhaps that's the thing we consider insane,
simply not being part of the world around you.
This could be as small as being a little airheaded ,
or as big as not being able to talk to people because
you can't hear them over the roaring in your own head.
So if that's the case,
then it does correlate with
intelligence as the cab survey suggests:
smarter people are too busy thinking of other things
to be fully in the moment.

So elementary . . .
will it be even worth the pogi points
their team is apting for ? hehehe

im just amazed...

I was once told :;
That 95 percent of the people in the world
are Asleep and the rest 5 percent remain
in constant Amazement..

And Crap ...

A trip to the beach would be refereshing...

as kurt said once ;

"id rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who im` not..."

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